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SETU Gramin Jyoti

Early Detection and Prevention of Blindness

In most cases, blindness can be prevented by early detection. To prevent blindness by early detection, NAB - Meerut is proud to launch the project "Setu Gramin Jyoti".

Schools of rural areas were approaced to organize eye testing of children up to 12 years of age. The pilot project was launched at Sri Mallu Singh Arya Kanya Pathshala at Mator Daurala. A total of 132 girls were screened by a trained optician and 3 of them were found in need of spectacles. One girl definitely needed further help and was given the reference of Head of Opthalmology Dept., Meerut Medical College, Dr. Alka Gupta (member of executive council NAB Meerut).

Every week since Dec'12, NAB Meerut has organized free Eye Screening Camps at various villages around Meerut. These camps have received an overwhelming response and will further the cause of prevention and early detection of blindness.

SETU Gramin Jyoti: Service

Camps organised so far

Over 600 children tested

Central Public School, Mawana Khurd


53 children tested

Lord Budha School, Pabla Meerut


132 children tested

Primary School, Sarai Kazi


47 children tested

Primary School, Pachpeda


48 children

Junior Primary School, Bhavanpur


46 children tested



86 children tested

Primary School, Bhurdpur


23 children tested

Primary School, Rajpura


70 children tested

Primary School Abdullahpur


42 children tested

Junior Primary School, Killa Road Abdullapur


64 children tested

SETU Gramin Jyoti: Schedule
SETU Gramin Jyoti: Pro Gallery
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