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Recent Events

Often, we organise and participate in events related to helping the visually impaired.

NAB Meerut - Daurala eye screening camp
Trip to Rashtrapati Bhavan
NAB Parivar Parishad
NAB Inaugration

NAB - Meerut Branch Inauguration

The NAB - Meerut branch was inaugurated on 9th of April, 2011.

NAB Parivar Parishad

On Jan 11th-Jan13th 2On Jan 11th-Jan13th 2013, NAB India organized the first NAB Parvar Parishad in Baroda.

Trip to Rashtrapati Bhavan

On 3rd of March, NAB Meerut and SETU organized a trip to Rashtrapati Bhavan for the Visually Impaired and Persons with Disabilities. The aim of the trip was to create awareness and sensitize the public, to consider the needs of the differently abled.

Camps for Eye Screening

Eye screening camps have been organized since December'12 for early detection and prevention of blindness.

Please check back our site frequently as we add more information about our on-going and upcoming projects!

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